Bunny Foo-Foo's Page

Me and Bunny Foo-Foo when she still a baby

I never planned on getting a rabbit. My ex-roommates and some neighbors found two baby bunnies in September 2001. We took one and they took one. I ended up being Bunny Foo-Foo's caretaker, and she came with me when I moved out.

I live in the dorms, so I couldn't keep her there. She lives with my parents in Austin, and I go home every weekend to see her.

Me and Bunny Foo-Foo around December 2001

Bunny Foo-Foo, playing in the Christmas gifts, being a bad bunny.

Bunny Foo-Foo sitting in Dad's chair.

Bunny Foo-Foo in her old cage, in our old apartment.

Bunny Foo-Foo in her new cage at my parent's home. I asked for NIC cubes to make her a "Bunny Condo."

Bunny Foo-Foo and my sister's pet parakeet, Dewi. They both like to eat greens.


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An open letter to Petco
Why The House Rabbit Society has boycotted Petco.


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